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 Solar energy 



Solar energy can be used in many different ways and the most common ones are to generate electricity or to heat water. 

Solar energy can also be used for solving problems that otherwise would have been difficult or expensive to solve. We are specialized in these special uses of solar energy like there are:

                       1   Solarventi, for dehumidification of houses.

                       2   Ventilation systems for basements or garages.

          3   Water pumping on remote locations.

                       4   Small solar systems for special purposes.

          5   Solar pool heating.




Keep your house fresh and dry. 




High levels of humidity can make a house feel really uncomfortable. Especially during the wintertime when high humidity levels can lead to damp clothes and beds, a stale smell and sometimes even to the appearance of mildew.

These are effects that many people that own a house on Mallorca can relate to, as the humidity level is rather high here all year round. Especially during the wintertime when many of the houses are kept closed for many months, the effects are at their worst.

The Danish company Solarventi developed a solar solution to this problem more than 20 years ago. They developed a solar panel that takes outside air, heats it and blows it into the house, all this by using solar energy only.

The drying effect is based on the physical principle that warm air can absorb more humidity than cold air.The solar panel heats outside air and constantly blows it into the house through which the humidity will be absorbed and removed when it leaves the house trough another opening. It is a similar effect to venting the house by opening some windows on a warm sunny day.

Whenever the sun starts to shine, the Solarventi panel will startup automatically. On a typical winterday on Mallorca it will ensure that the air in the house will continuously be replaced with warm dry air for around 7 to 8 hours. Over time the indoor climate will be drier, it will smell fresher and it will be easier to heat the house.

Apart from drying the house and saving money on the heating cost, there is the advantage that this system does not use any electricity at all and so operates without any costs, day after day.





These solar panels may be used in houses and appartments but also on garages or yachts. As long as there is a south facing wall or area, it will be able to catch the sun and do it's job. 

Some more information on the Solarventi solar panels like the various sizes and prices can be found in the next two documents or by visiting the Solarventi website.

 Solarventi info                   Solarventi details and prices    

If you would like to get a demo of the Solarventi products on Mallorca or just to get some more information, then please call or email :  

 Marinus de Ruijter, +34-630009911                                    



Marinus holding a Solarventi SV14.



Other solar ventilation systems


In some cases there is a practical reason for why a Solarventi system can not be used for venting a building. Sometimes there is no south facing wall or roof, or it is too far away from the room to be vented. In such particular cases a system that just blows outside air into the room will still give a positive effect on the indoor climate. Although the air that is blown inside has the same temperature as the outside air, for a garage or basement this might just be enough get an improvement. 

These systems are made up of a small solar panel that is put somewhere on the house and that generates the electricity for one or more fans that are placed in the problem area. The fans will then automatically start to run when the sun starts shining and outside air is only blown into the problem area. By using a solar panel as the electicity source, the system only works on sunny days, when the outside air might be dryer then the inside air. On a cloudy or rainy day the system will not work and no humid air will be blown in.

These systems will be made to fit to the clients wishes and circumstances.



Solar pumping on remote locations

There are many places where water and electricity are not just as easy available as in a normal house. This might be the case in mountain or rural areas and then solar energy might be the only sensible think to do. In mountainous areas a holding tank can be placed somewhere down in the valley where it can be filled by means of the normal water system. A solar driven pump in this holding tank can then pump the water to another holding tank higher up the mountain, from where the water is available for further use for e.g. a house or an irrigation system for growing fruits.

Such systems may vary from small to rather big, depending on the needs.

  2600 Watt system in Tarragona.


Small autonomous systems,  made to fit various purposes.

Solar energy can be of great use to keep seldom used batteries fully charged. In such a case the solar panels may be rather small but will still large enough to prevent the battery to discharge or to compensate for the special use of the battery.

Such systems find their way to batteries of emergency generators, campers, yachts, classic cars or alarm systems.

A somewhat larger system might be put to good use to bring some light into remote holiday homes, barns, workshops or boathouses.

These systems are made to fit it's special purpose.


Solar energy for swimmingpools, extend your season with solar energy.

Solarenergy is ideal for heating the water of your swimmingpool. Trough a specially designed solarcollector, the temperature of your pool can be raised by as much as 7 degrees and thereby greatly extend your season. In springtime the pool can be used earlier and the season can be extended until late autumn. 

The system is made of corrugated tubes : 








The system consists of a specially developped collector for pools through which the water of the pool  is pumped by means of the existing pool filter pump.

A basic system is handoperated and requires regular attention but by using a controller and an additional pump a fully automatic and independent system can be made. The system will then be activated as soon as the temperature of the collector is higher then the pool and will stop when the desired temperature is reached or the collector temperature has gone below that of the pool.

The size of the collector depends on the size of the pool. A pool that is covered during the night may be well heated with a collector of 50% of the surface of the pool. An uncovered pool needs a collector of 75-100% of the pool surface. The larger the collector, the higher the final temperature of the pool and  the longer the swimming season will be.

We only supply systems of known brands that have proven themselves for many years.


If you would like to get more information on solar systems, then please call or email :   Marinus de Ruijter, +34-630009911           








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